guided city walks in Innsbruck

Innsbruck the classic tour

Walking through the old town centre, history will come to life in the stories of the Middle-Ages and modern times. We will visit all the highlights of Innsbruck.

Duration: 1 hour (short version) or 2 hours (extended version)

Maximilian - the emperors' tour

He has shaped Innsbruck as no other Tyrolean sovereign ever did. His greatest concern was to be forgotten after death. But could never have happened, as he has been a master of self-promotion leaving us so many works of art. We walk through the old town in search of his traces, the well-known and the hidden ones.

Duration: 2 hours (including visit of the court church)

Love and Death in Innsbruck - Maria-Theresia-tour

She was the most powerful woman of the eighteenth century and lived with her great family in Vienna. Why had she nevertheless played with the idea of permanently settling in Innsbruck? You will find out about this in our tour through the Old Town and the so called "newtown".

Duration: 2 hours (including visit of the imperial palace)

In the year 1809 - Andreas Hofer-tour

It looked like David against Goliath, when Napoleon, the most powerful man in Europe, was challenged by a horse merchant and innkeeper from the south of Tyrol. How has this unequal fight ended and why does Andreas Hofer continues to live in the memory of the Tyrolese?

Duration: 1,5 hours (including visit of the Tyrol Panorama )

Secret love at Ambras Castle - the Philippine and Ferdinand Tour
In the age of arranged marriages, this was an absolute taboo. And when the Emperor learned of it, they had to swear to keep their relationship secret forever. However everybody in Innsbruck knew that the Archduke was in love with a commoner. He gave her a castle and filled it with works of art, curiosities and armor.
Duration: 2 hours (including visit of Ambras Castle)

Romans and Rococo - the Wilten tour
Wilten, the most southern part of Innsbruck, has already seen a great deal: there was a Roman supply camp, and the first monks settled here at the beginning of the 12th century. For a long time, Wilten had been wealthier and more powerful than Innsbruck, and even today it is worth visiting. Amongst other things because of one

                the most beautiful Rococo churches in Europe.

                                  Duration: 2 hours (including visit to the Bell Museum)

Innsbruck modern - the present and not the history-tour

We visit the modern Innsbruck, which looks into the future and not into the past. How do the inhabitants live today? What topics do they deal with? What events, people and buildings of the present day are important for the city?
                                   Duration: 1 (short version) or 2 hours (extended version)

Guided City Walks in tyrol

Hall in Tirol - salt and mint

We stroll through the largest old town in Western Austria and visit the places that symbolize the former wealth of Hall. Why was salt called the white gold and where does the dollar come from?
Duration: 2 hours