City Walk groups up to 20 people


City Walk 1 hour:    120 €

City Walk 2 hours:   155 €

City Walk 3 hours:   180 €



Day Trips / Excursions

Half a day (up to 5 hours):  210 €

Daily rate (up to 8 hours):   300 €


Each additional hour:            30 €


Terms and Conditions


Cancellation Policy

 ·    The client has to pay the tourist guide no cancellation fee if the cancellation is made in writing no later than one week before the date of the tour.

 ·    If the client cancels between 7 and 3 days before the agreed date, half of the agreed guiding fee shall be paid as a cancellation fee.

 ·    If the client cancels the tour less than 3 days before the agreed date, the full agreed remuneration shall be paid.

 ·    Cancellation date and agreed tour day count for the time calculation.

 ·    The full agreed remuneration is to be paid as a cancellation fee if the customer does not appear at the agreed meeting point during the waiting time.

 ·    The cancellation fees mentioned here are a compounded penalty deposit which must be paid independently of the fault or damage incurred.

 ·    The cancellation fee is to be paid separately for each individual cancelled tour.


Waiting time

 ·    In case of delay of the customer, the guide is only obliged to wait for a maximum of one hour at the agreed meeting point, if she has been informed of the delay by the agreed start of the tour.

 ·    The waiting time will be included in the duration of the tour and thus reduces its time scope.

 ·    The client commits himself to waiting 15 minutes for the guide.

 ·    This waiting time does not affect the time scope of the tour.

 ·    In case of an unavoidable prevention, the guide commits herself to providing an equivalent, qualified colleague as a substitute.

 ·    The customer is informed promptly about this.




·    The payment is made immediately after billing without any reduction or by cash after the service provision.

 ·    The default interest is 1% per month (12% p.a.).

 ·    Entrance fees, parking fees, tickets and the like are not included in the guiding fee.

 ·    The tour guide reserves the right to make changes in the agreed route of the tour (eg: because of construction sites, etc.).

 ·    Sound and film recordings during the guided tours are prohibited.